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Hello, My name is Mindy. I am an American (From Maine) who just happen to fall in love with an Australian man and moved across the world to Sydney Australia to be with him.

We met online in 2005 and met in person that same year. Then Nathan proposed to me during a trip to the States he took in December 2006.

I moved to Australia August 1st 2007 and we then got married on August 5th 2007on top of Mt. Kiera in Wollongong, Just 2 hours south of Sydney CBD.

We now live in a suburb in Sydney, and are very happily married. Nathan works in the City and I go to school near home.

I am studying Digital Media at the Sydney South Western TAFE. I really love this course and if you are interested in a designer you can have a look at my Portfolio here.

This website is a way to display all the wonderful places I have visited and the wonderful things I have seen and done.

Really though it's because i'm addicted to my camera and take pictures of everything. So now I actually have an excuse to take pictures.

I don't claim to be an amazing photographer, I know I also don't have the best photos on the web. That was not my intentions.when I took most of these pictures.